Why Opatija?

“The girl with the seagull is a symbol of Opatija and the whole Kvarner. An elegant statue on a rock along the coastal promenade of Lungomare in Opatija hides an interesting story and the identity of a girl who has been secret for decades.”

photo: opatija.net

“The story began way back in 1891 when Count Arthur Kesselstadt tragically lost his life in a sea storm in front of Opatija. Shocked by the pain, the Count’s family mounted on a rock sculpture of “Madonna del Mare” to watch over his soul. The weather left a mark on the sculpture and she was damaged, but she was later restored. The gilded replica is today located next to the church of St. The original is kept in the Croatian Museum of Tourism in Villa Angiolina.”

photo: kvarner-touristik

“In 1956, Madonna’s place was replaced by a Seagull Girl made by academic sculptor Zvonko Car. Originally, the statue had fish in the seagull’s key, but it mysteriously disappear. Some speculate she was taken by the storm, others claim it was stolen but the truth never came to light.”

photo: radio 94.7 FM

Why Dubrovnik?

“Climb with me to Srđ. I’m going to show you a window where my nono threw a dozen eggs when he wasn’t mad at him, so he got mad at her because she kisses him.
Then Porporela. The place with the most beautiful sunsets in the world, dare I say it.
Do you only know how many pairs of Sponza and Rector’s Palace hid from the rain? You don’t know? Neither do I, but I dare to fantasize. I wish our city streets knew stories, so that on summer evenings, when we sit on the steps in front of St. Blaise, we hear a new story every night. Oh the hands that held her tight. About the secrets that were told. On promises that spilled out like nothing was worth it, it was worth it.”

photo: ideariumweddings

“Climb up the walls and count how many pairs of hands on Stradun are holding. Too little? I agree. People should hold hands more. They should smile at each other more often.”

photo: go Dubrovnik

“How many girls walked their wedding dresses across the Stradun? Too little? Yes. Stop in front of the gymnasium and watch creation of love that will probably be told for few decades. And maybe those loves will live on in a few decades, who knows.”

photo: matijakljunakweddings

“Now stand on Pile. This place has seen more meetings and breakups than some train stations. This place remembers hugs and kisses, tears and waitings. I have heard there are more silent prayers than in churches. Turn around. Extend your arms and hug your better half. Then let the City hug you.
Welcome to Dubrovnik, a city of love.”

text: go Dubrovnik

photo: go Dubrovnik